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who would you put on notice if a cell tower was approved too close to a neighborhood even though the majorety of letters and community support was against the tower and very few were for it? what can we do to put them on notice of a tresspass by way of harm? And who to send it to? (our local “Islands Trust” board? Or each of the individuals on the board who voted for it? or Rogers Canada who is the one installing it?).

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  1. I will keep ya posted if I learn anything new! I just added your email address to my contacts :)… I have severe reactions to electromagnetic frequencies so this one is very close to my heart and I really hope they have some suggestions for bringing remedy! I am very lucky not to live next to the new location, but unfortunately I know a couple of people who do live right next to the proposed location…

  2. And/or the city and county officials who have allowed unregulated exposure to radiation, a known pollutant, without liability for harm?