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    Cara tissandier

    i; cara, pass greetings to you;
    i, list types of property that i, know;
    i, will you, add to the list any property that i, do not know;
    peace be with you.

    all names, Names, NAMES attached to i;
    the dwelling that i, possess,
    the land that i, possess,
    the living things that i, keep,
    the goods that i, possess

    Delphine Noelke

    What about intellectual property, like inventions, models etc ?

    I, was asking myself if that is protected as my property, too … Sorry Cara, nothing to add to your list but a question 😉

    Cara tissandier

    it is a good question, i, have thoughts but no solution,

    i, state that jon, defined an autograph as a creation of i; (in session 1 i think)
    i, find create in the Black’s law dictionary to mean to bring into being,
    i, find creation in the english dictionary to mean the act of creating something, or the thing that is created,

    i, ask do i, add autographs to the list of property that i, claim or are things i create chattell without need to state that.

    i, hope this makes sense, peace be with you,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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