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Traveling to countries that have obligatory swab testing upon entry –Italy: how do we as men and women defend our right to not being physically trespassed while visiting the country where we have roots and relatives? You have spoken about countries setting their law for visitors: what about citizens who live abroad and especially their non-citizen family? What strategy would you suggest in order to negotiate the kind of test upon entry? e.g. i would agree to a spit test but not a swab

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I am currently living not just as a woman, but as a foreigner and “permanent resident” in the U.S. Since I am still part of their system how can I apply the law common to i? How can i protect my property / my body from their mandates if i am at the same time still playing their game, keeping my role as a permanent resident? How can i apply what we have learned here about taxes when the “responsibilities” of a green card holder includes paying taxes? Is it as easy as saying that i didn’t receive any income, but compensation for my work? Even when i am still playing their game, being inside their system?

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As a European citizen there is a possibility to give feedback until the 8th of April on the agreed proposal of the European commission to alter and extend the Digital EU- certificate. After this it will be presented before the EU Parliament and the EU council. Being a woman you don’t want to react on an invitation of a citizen. At the same time we are citizens and we are a man or a woman. What is your advise in this situation? Giving your feedback and getting publicly registered or avoid it all together? If you do advise to give a feedback if you feel for it, how would you advise to sign? Sign with the signature of a man or a woman (by:…… , a woman/ man.) Or sign with your legal person name?

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It’s true what Jon said about looking at the world differently after this course. Every situation I have or went through in the past I look through it with this lenses now. I’m feeling lost of how to apply this to what is happening right now in Canada. Im guessing I would file a notice to the man, Justin Trudeau. I’m not in Ottawa but can I still file against the man acting as mayor and man acting as police chief. Even if I were in Ottawa I wouldn’t be able to file anything against the police because there are no badge numbers or names. Where do you start? What if you cannot identify the person and if you can what if you cannot actually serve them a notice? What if they refuse delivery or it is only signed by reception?

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