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Since means you consent to murder, harm, loss. By saying and doing nothing we say it’s OK to harm mankind. We have a duty to speak up. I’m not afraid, I walk on water I have nothing to fear, silence is my only fear. Not speaking up to right tge wrong is us committing the wrong. Draw away from society is weak. We have tge knowing now and a duty to act for to stop the madness happening means tge awake have a duty as watchers.

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If you see a place that requires mask not giving them business is silence which, is that not consent that their actions are ok? Seeing evidence by gov…

i: am the Managing director of a common Law Pure Trust as presented by Lord Grantham Taylor, Hughes through Michael Gaboury to i in 2016. It is alleged to have been initiated by a Bauer / Rothschild ancestor and King Henry II Plantagenet in the 12 Century and has been a has been intact ever since. The fidelity ceremony is sight recognition and exchange between two people that create an autographed trust certificate. Are you aware of this common Law Pure Trust and would you comment on it’s veracity?

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i, expect to be faced with arguments such as “in a democratic society we need to balance individual rights (like that of movement, work, informed consent to a medical procedure, protest and gathering) with the rights of to public safety, life and health. It is ok to limit individual rights so long as it is justifiable to reach certain goals for society (e.g. public safety).” Any suggestions as to how to approach such argument especially in a trial by jury? I don’t want to enter the whole scientific debate if I can avoid doing so as it is a very specialized field.

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