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Since means you consent to murder, harm, loss. By saying and doing nothing we say it’s OK to harm mankind. We have a duty to speak up. I’m not afraid, I walk on water I have nothing to fear, silence is my only fear. Not speaking up to right tge wrong is us committing the wrong. Draw away from society is weak. We have tge knowing now and a duty to act for to stop the madness happening means tge awake have a duty as watchers.

If you see a place that requires mask not giving them business is silence which, is that not consent that their actions are ok?

Seeing evidence by government agencies that clearly state wrong and harm yet we know uts harmful to our fellow mankind is this not us committing tge act ourselves?

We now have knowledge and wisdom to act on our soul behalf to remove tge cancer of society, to be silent is obeying, to watch leaders in fictitious roles kill, yet say it's not my problem, that is actually you being an oder followers and consent to said wrong or trespass, is it not?

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