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my main question is: once i enter into a legal contract am i stuck in the legal world? i, a woman sometimes acting as a private lender and John Doe, the borrower singed a promissory note and unbeknownst to me an unperfected security agreement. John Doe has defaulted on his loan. i have given him many chances to bring forth remedy. finally after 2 years of no remedy and having no clue as to what I could do, i hired a lawyer. if he does not succeed, can i exit the legal world and enter the world of law for mankind?

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I am currently living not just as a woman, but as a foreigner and “permanent resident” in the U.S. and my official paper / “green card” has to be renewed soon. Since I am still part of their system – and supposedly it takes years to correct one’s standing, so not enough time for me to do it before the papers are due – how can I use the law common to i? How can I protect my property / my body from their mandates if I am at the same time still playing their game, wanting their paper / green card to not be deported?

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