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2 tickets on same ride, cops was following me for 7 minutes (5km) and added infractions, once he stopped me in another town, 5 kilometers away from the 1st infraction, he said he pulled me over for 1 infraction. I had video recorded the encounter with them (2 cops, 1 car) Once in court i showed the video to the judge, and she decided not guilty for the MAIN infraction which was the instagator of it all (stop sign) but allowed the 2nd ticket (signaling a turn) which was about 1.5 km from the 1st infraction. I want to go against her decision for many reasons. I prooved to the judge that even if the tickets were printed in 11 minutes, the cops made me loose my time in the car for no reason (7 more minutes. video lasted 18 minutes) Even the judge noticed it and wrote it down. Now i’m fined 176$ (signaling turn ticket) plus 100$ court fees for no good reason. prior to talking to the judge, the prosecutor lawyer had asked to talk to me in private and she told me it was ridiculous, that it did not make any sense therefore she wanted to delay the court and ask the cops as witneses so she could ask them questions. I refused this demand in front of the judge because the tickets were given 8 months prior and i had enough stress that i wanted to get it over with. I showed proof that i had a perfect driving record, i told the judge that i made a living by delivering tires for a companie for the last 3 years and she still forces me to pay the ticket or else i will see my drivers license suspended.. (a bit harsh). I told her that i had been a target for the cops for the last 8 years and they always intercept me for no reason at all without giving me tickets and always in a particular way as if they had a GPS on my car, even saying to me “if i search, i will find a problem!”, i told her i recorded all tose times and will persue a complaint against the city police for harassement one day. I want to know how i can remedy to this injustice that has been going on since 8 years, (since 2014, i am in court against BELL CANADA and UNIFOR the Union for wrongfull firing) never had a problem with the cops before 2014.

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