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A local authority in Wales has commited fraud in order to entice me into entering a contract with the Authority in order to purchase a small piece of land to which I hold title. This was achieved through one of its representative exceeding his authority, and not disclosing the limit of his authority prior to negotiations proceeding. One of the documents shown to me to exercise their fraud was presentation a site plan – an A0 CAD drawing. I subsequently submitted 2 FOI requests to obtain a copy of this plan, but the representative who presented it at the initial meeting, claimed the document does not exist. How do I obtain redress from the Local Authority when said authority flatly refuses to renegotiate the contract? (NOTE: I still own the title of the land since I have refused to transfer the title of the land to the Authority. I had cancelled the contract prior to completion of their project. Yet, the Authority still refused to leave my property when instructed in writing to do so, and still completed their project.

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