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After an attempt at reasonable, promising verbal mediation, with a no-cost, like-for-like remedy offered by me, I had to send three correspondences and a 1st notice regarding a neighbour’s trespass by way of harm and loss. The neighbour ignored all of my approaches and, after receiving 1st notice, immediately got the police in to threaten me with a criminal prosecution for harassment if I continued. Now everyone has ignored my L4M process (followed to the letter) and I am without remedy. Discussion and practical solution requested.

Regardless of whether the courts are Covid- and unjabbed-closed, on the face of it, a real life health, harm and loss issue under the L4M process has been stopped in its tracks. It seems to have offered insufficient threat to all other parties, who are remaining on their game board. This is deeply disturbing and the harm and loss has been going on for 4 months now.

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