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Traveling to countries that have obligatory swab testing upon entry –Italy: how do we as men and women defend our right to not being physically trespassed while visiting the country where we have roots and relatives? You have spoken about countries setting their law for visitors: what about those of mankind who live abroad and especially their non-citizen family? What strategy would you suggest in order to negotiate the kind of test upon entry? e.g. i would agree to a spit test but not a swab

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When laws are signed by the King or Queen who writes: “We, the name of the King/ Queen, by the grace of God, King/ Queen of the name of the country, …..” The King/Queen derives his/ her authority from:” by the grace of God”. As the “grace of God” can not been proven, can a citizen then say ok, I do not recognize this authority and therefore the constitution: codes, acts and statutes do not apply to me the citizen anymore? And if this applies to a citizen doesn’t it automatically apply to a man / woman?

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