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When writing a notice and inviting a wo/man acting as …a manager, or head of a department of a company of which you are an employee, I suppose can always hide behind: ”I was just following orders/ instructions of the company”…. I am and was just doing my work, I am not responsible as a man… Or if you would go higher up and write your notice to the CEO of that company then the man acting as CEO of that company could say well I am hired to make as much profit as possible, that is my duty plus I had no other choice, as this was the wish of the shareholders….. or it was because of the instructions of the national politics, new rules, codes et cetera or it was because of the new rules, codes, statutes of other countries, therefore I had no other choice…. I am not responsible as a man ……. If this happens what are the actions you can take?

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After an attempt at reasonable, promising verbal mediation, with a no-cost, like-for-like remedy offered by me, I had to send three correspondences and a 1st notice regarding a neighbour’s trespass by way of harm and loss. The neighbour ignored all of my approaches and, after receiving 1st notice, immediately got the police in to threaten me with a criminal prosecution for harassment if I continued. Now everyone has ignored my L4M process (followed to the letter) and I am without remedy. Discussion and practical solution requested.

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Regardless of whether the courts are Covid- and unjabbed-closed, on the face of it, a real life health, harm and loss issue under the L4M process has …

Most everything in this course is “reactive” and not “proactive” with exception to trespass notice. How do we correspond/notice members of govt or Senate (Canada) to stop a bill from becoming law? If we noticed or corresponded with them now would it be perceived as a threat or coercion on my part? Time is of the essence as the bill is before the Senate this coming week and if the bill becomes law one will need to be vaxed to access your bank account etc. I know everything is a process as Jon always says but a person could starve if waiting for the process to resolve. So how would you approach the topic of handling your public servants from a proactive point of view?

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When tradespeople and merchants are manipulated and coerced by members of the Deep State, in order that i, should not obtain goods and services, is it advisable to seek remedy/compensation from these individuals? I am torn between having compassion for their fear of being a target such as i, but also anger at their lack of courage and integrity… which enables the perpetrators to continue their iniquitous behaviour unchecked, against i, and surely against many others in the community.

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