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Are we going to see groups forming out of this process? Meaning we are 1,000 people under the auspices of two men and as we learn and grow what is the leadership going to do to see we evolve productively and in a way we keep learning and supporting each other?

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  1. i love to be part of a group to speak about this matters, to challenge each other, to overlooks each others documents and the most important for i a man is find way’s to make this my new habit, to make this completely mine so i become this law of i not on paper but as a man in every circumstance, i can not find something more important at this moment

  2. You are your own leader. If you feel you need a group, why not start one? There is a group they have created for those that are a part of this knowledge share. The whole goal of this is to empower us with the knowledge we need to be our own man or woman and to be our own authority as we do not need a leader or any other authority to tell us what to do or how to do it. At least that’s what I’m understanding from all this. We have been conditioned to think we need to outsource our power, when in reality, we have the power within each of us. And that’s what they’re showing and sharing with us.