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Buying a property with a mortgage

How do you buy a property with a mortgage or without a mortgage, as a man or wo/man. If you need to register property on your name, they will always request your identification number.

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  1. i am a woman fully in the ‘system’ at this point and don’t expect a way out of many aspects of it; maybe taxes; but I am interested in this discussion as a general discussion as i do have a mortgage at this point. There are other aspects also of now being in the ‘system’ that are new to me and i receive benefit from (medicare). Any addressing of this would be appreciated. In the U.S. if you don’t sign up for medicare at 65, you pay more later if you want it. If you don’t sign up and for example were to be in an accident and required hospital care, surgeries etc. it would cost a lot more w/o the medicare. It seems quite the “catch 22”