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Can they take away your social security, or your disability checks if you go sovereign?

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  1. Yes this is a great question. Also what about us Legal Green Card holders?

  2. When it’s your only income it’s a very important question.

  3. I really hope/pray that this question will be answered! I depend on my SSDI check for my livelyhood! I am sure MILLION of others of us would love to have this question to be answered.
    Thank you! God Bless!

  4. NO! You paid into the system with YOUR energy and it is owed to you. Now, if you Quit the system the laws of the U.S. say you forfeit all you’ve paid into the system. Claiming your sovereignty is your right. the Constitution says the ‘sovereignty lies in the people’. besides, Bill Clinton signed a bill that said the people have a right to change their political status to whatever they choose. Another thing is, if S.S. is contractual then did you have full disclosure? was there a meeting of the minds? was it voluntary or compulsory or trickery? if they don’t meet the rules of contracts then they are null and void and you can claim all that’s owed to you in full. You may need a letter of rogatory to tell the lawyer what YOU want them to do for YOU not the court or the bar guild…. (for entertainment purposes only).