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Can we really stop paying income taxes?

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  1. rates taxes all going up and hyperinflation so having to work longer hours for the XS govt expenditure – recently >$500million given to the gangs …who dont pay tax …

  2. I have the same question. I have heard of people filing a W8. Some have had success, some have not. The key I believe is to say you are a Sovereign Person, and do not fill in the box asking “country of origin.” I’ve also heard American’s have a “trust” that was set up year’s ago and there are people who have successfully succeeded by taking this route. I also heard if an employer refuses to accept the W8, it’s a felony. Can anyone please add some clarity to this? Technically, the federal government uses our employers as “their tax collector’s.” It’s part of their extortion scheme.

  3. How can we find others who believe as we do and connect/ form local in- person groups? I am strongly opposed to how gov’t is spending my tax dollars.

  4. I have looked into state nationals but it seems like a lot of work and I am a little skeptical. Curious how your system is any better.