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Can we write notices in a slightly less caveman way? I worry that if we do that, in certain situations I’d come across as incompetent – say if i were trying to take my kid out of school and homeschool

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  1. Just a note, but i’m in my 30’s and was homeschooled from the get go… and just my two cents worth, but you shouldn’t need to put anyone on notice to pull your kids out and homeschool I don’t think (although I don’t know the laws in other country’s we are in Canada). You might need to do a notice if you didn’t want to sign up with a distance learning platform?… here in Canada you used to be able to sign up through Wondertree (now it’s called Self Design), and then they would essentially leave you to school your kids how you saw fit, or give you tools (math books etc) if you required them…. My parents homeschooled me and my two sisters and for me it was 100% the best thing they could have done! (I now run my own business and have all of the tools I need to accomplish my goals and dreams (more so than i would have gotten in school i believe, because I was able to follow my interests and curiosity in a way that is often squashed in school due to the compulsory nature of a typical curriculum!) i highly recommend it from a first hand account of someone who went through that rout!!).

  2. From my experience homeschooled kids are way smarter that the indoctrinated ones – they know how to ask questions too. Wish I had been homeschooled by enlightened mom and dad like some of my grandchildren.