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Can you please talk more on how you define Trespass. Trespass by way of harm. Trespass by way of theft. And any others. Thank you

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  1. Yes I would like to know say the Top 5, Trespasses and their definition.

    1. Yes it’s a good question. I saw a list on another site but can not find it now that I am looking. Something that would tie into this topic is “definitions”. Jonathon spends a lot of time explaining the meanings and history of words. I find that useful (and interesting). It seems critical to have a firm grasp of this so as to not get tripped up in court. The word “barratry” is an example of trespass that was new to me. It would also be interesting to hear more about the spiritual understanding of the word “trespass” and why that is such a powerful word to those in the legal society. 🙂

      1. With regard to trespass and its power in the legal society. it’s because the legal society is occult, and they know that trespass is intertwined with karmic law. They know that trespass can invoke real karmic payback on themselves.

  2. In our last Q & A someone kindly posted this in the chat. I will copy and paste his/her post here:

    “Trespass by way of:
    (you need to back them up)
    * coercion
    * harm
    * theft
    * damage
    * extortion / coercion
    * barratry
    * force
    * unlawful detainment
    * kidnapping
    * robbery
    * loss
    * debt
    * loss
    * lies
    * slander / defamation
    * intimidation
    * administer property without right or consent
    * false police reports
    * on your being?
    * false representation (instead of slander/defamation because they are legal words)”

    From another source, I found this information:

    “The seven wrongs of Natural Law that govern behavioral consequences in the Universe are:

    Murder: theft of a life
    Assault: theft of well-being
    Rape: theft of sexual association
    Theft: theft of property
    Trespassing: theft of security in home and on property
    Coercion: theft of free will choice
    Lying/Deception: theft of necessary data to make informed decision
    *** They boil down to: “Don’t Steal”.

  3. i’ve been very busy with other projects, so i am only back here now after several months away, and am on 3.2. This covers trespass in detail and will give you what you need. i am listening to 3.2 now and it goes through all this in detail.