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Driving a car… Please give detail about how to assert the law common to i, both in cases where I am stopped by a police constable whilst on the road, and also when receiving “offense” notices etc, triggered via speed cameras or any other “road offense” that clearly caused no harm, and did not break the law.

Once a letter is received, about a parking offence or whatever, am I already in the jurisdiction of the legal? Same on the road, as a "licensed driver" ? Can I still assert the law common to i, even though the car is "registered" to my title etc?

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  1. I would like to take my license plates off my vehicles (car, snowmobiles, boat, trailer attached to truck…), as my vehicle is my property and belongs to me, and I am not on the road for commercial reason but to get from point A-to-B. The point of this would be to reclaim my property (car) but also live in peace– I do not want to be self-incriminating and be a target if I take my plates off without knowing what I am doing and why. I would still have car insurance, yes or no? What is the exact wording to use if pulled over by a police officer, if I am no longer using government-issued drivers license, since I am travelling freely which is my right, and not causing harm or trespass against another man or woman.