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Here in Australia I believe we cannot be land owners, only land holders, because this land was stolen from the original inhabitants without compensation and therefore the government has no right of sale. Does this limit our rights on our property, being land and house thereon?

We have a CERTIFICATE OF TITLE for the property we call ours (NSW Australia), with no mortgage. On 11 October 2021 a Real Property Amendment (Certificates of Title) Act 2021 comes into effect and which states will nullify all existing hard copies of CTs – all to become electronic records only. I do not yet understand the significance of this.

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  1. Most land all over the world was stolen and taken by force thought war.

    Then the new “owner”laid their claim on it, being the crown, the republic etc.

    Give so that we only have only a certificate of title, not the aloidal title, how do we defend or claim ‘our’ property?