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house I have been living at for last 15 years was sold and new owner just served me 90 day notice I will copy this notice here , what can i do if i’m not in financial position to move in 90 days ?can I write them a notice ?I don’t have lease singed with new owner and I’m a single parent with under 18years old child I don’t understand the language they are using specially last paragraph i the notice ,here is the notice: To Kasha M tenants and JOHN and JANE DOE undertenant or assigns ,and every person in possession of the premises.You are hereby notified that the Landlord elect to terminate your tenancy of the above described premises now held by you under monthly hiring. Unless you remove from the said premises on: 4/30/2022 the day on which your term expires the Landlord will commence proceedings under the Statute to remove you from said premises for the holding over after the expiration of your term and may demand the value of your use and occupancy of the premises during such holding over. Is there anything I can do to extend the stay in case I have to?.

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