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How can I be “invisible” or untouchable to the system but still be able to travel across international borders?

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  1. Will the rules you describe apply as well to European citizens or are there major differences we have to know about?

  2. Yes to this question! It is imperative for me to have access to my grown children and their families who live in different countries!

  3. I’m based in Italy where there is recent activity concerning “apolodia” which in English translates as “statelessness”. I’m trying to figure out how and IF this really works and if it could be an effective solution, both in responding to the aggressive state manipulation and control, and in traveling across borders?

  4. On behalf of All children and people everywhere, How can we do this and yet stop any abuse of it, as with trafficking of children, women, men and animals?

  5. ADDITION TO QUESTION: Does a declared free man or woman give up rights to be protected from harm, theft, or abuse by established protective agencies such as police, military, medical facilities, embassies, consulates, insurance companies, etc. while traveling, visiting, or residing in any country, including residing in their home country?

  6. As of now I work here in Japan for 24 years. But I could not go home to my home country because I had only 1 dose of vaccine. And I don’t want to have the 2nd dose. How can we get around with these?

  7. How can we move between the public (Acts, Statutes etc) and the Private (Sovereign Individual) to maximise our happiness, security, freedom and wealth.

  8. I live in the Uk but my close family members live in different countries, how can we go around all the horrendous illegal restrictions imposed on us even more so since their so called pandemic)?