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How can I make good use of the notice tool in my jurisdiction and language?

My jurisdiction is Spain where civil law prevails and hence the common law notice writing techniques might apply differently?
Also, the exact wording might differ in another language so any pointers you could provide, or links to active groups in my jurisdiction would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. You might want to merge your question/vote with « Civil law countries – How does the process of holding my ‘man court’ before a magistrate/jury differ in civil law vs common law countries?».

    As far as language goes, because there are so many, i think that is it up to us to research relevant vocabulary, either online, in books or by talking to law/legal people. I’m in the midst of figuring it out in french, and constantly revise whatever i write if i feel it doesn’t ring quite right.

    We can also note that in the end, the precise wording matters less than the actual meaning of it, and whether we are able to properly articulate/convey what we know is true.