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How can I truly make my home/house my own when it is registered with Land Registry (in England), even after paying off the mortgage and being mortgage free?

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    1. yes this is a good question, and what about the liability with ”owning property” ? we mean to use everything and owned nothing so we need to put our property into a private trust, don’t we?

  1. is it possible to register your land with the Federal Postal court – global -position : RN-6756-5654-2GB…heard chap speak about this – or is it a money making process?
    Can you patent your land instead of doing an alloidal claim?

  2. I heard Mark Kischon Christopher of the federal postal court say that even once we have paid the mortgage off, we are still effectively a “tenant” and that impacts the generations thereafter too. Could you address this point additionally.

  3. In theory our home is paid for and therefore ‘should’ be our property but registering with the land registry changes that also who owns the land it sits on?

  4. I think that might depend on the title it’s given by the land registry , i.e Freehold or Leasehold.