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How can one become sovereign, if they are unable to live without the state aid, or do they have to get financially autonomous (not require state benefits, aids etc)beforehand?

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  1. I paid into SS tho didn’t make much so don’t get much, but don’t have much other income either so need it. Also caretaking my partner who has dementia and is on SSI.

  2. Yes this question is very pertinent to many people in the U.S. currently. I would like to add in with this question, how declaring sovereignty also specifically affects social security benefits that people are living on, and who are no longer able to join a workforce, and are unable to work to produce income any other way.

  3. I am really needing to know this, as I have only ss payments once a month, and since I worked as an actress/educator for very little money I have no savings. The future looks scary and family is not rich to help.

  4. Please if you could include a Canadian perspective on this too. I am a bankrupt unjabbed disabled Canadian, i feel the future looks very dark for me. Thank you .

  5. These people are seriously asking “how can I be independent of the government while benefiting from the government??” SMH. The cognitive dissonance is astounding