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how do i best express L4M, write notices, deal with the current restrictions and requirements of entry; as a resident in a country I was not born in and have no citizenship in? Can I file notices and the like in the same way or will i be putting myself at risk of being “kicked out” of the country?

born in germany but i live and grew up in the caribbean, (commonwealth country, former british colony – so i'm guessing it's a common-law country?)

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  1. i hold a british passport but am a permanent resident (but not a citizen) of Malta (has some common law), i also have residency (but not citizenship of) in portugal (though a year to the day since i was able to get there) which is a civil law country

  2. I think this question could be answered in a wider sense as well, and help lots of people on this topic. I feel I need more info on how to assert the law common to i, in any country, including dictatorships etc…

  3. Yes this a great question, how to deal with the “requirements” to cros a border or board a plane etc.

    Transport company are private or are they? i would think they can impose what ever law/requirement they want?

    I think its a different situation once you are IN the country in question and if they try to remove/deport you, given its not a dictature or a highly corrupt county you would give the man acting as an agent a notice of trespass