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How do I handle in kind trades?

I am planning anew business that will include in kind trades for services. I volunteered beer a lot and money to me exclude people from my services sometimes.

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  1. Create the value of each in kind energy, resource etc. It can be accounted for within bookkeeping and accounting if thats your question.

  2. Who says what they are worth and what I am worth when you trade. I am trading gardening for hands on healing…I have overhead…my student traders are trying to build a life. They have bills and no equity in anything but a car. They may even have student loans.
    Are values tied to the present economy. I need to pay bills. I have $900 toward $2000 of monthly bills from retirement. They have a renters bills with a car. We are both poor in our own ways. Are you saying that we need to compare incomes and equal this out with our hourly wages? Where is equity in this or is it market value? Their market value is $15 to $25 per hour. My market value is $75 to $20 per hour…..Is this a market value system?