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How do we access the funds on our CQV?

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  1. My preliminary understanding is you gave to take domain over all law platforms. Land, air and water. Start with correcting status then you need a patent of nativity which if I remember correctly helps you resolve the admiralty/water piece, claim your property with land patent (also do with vehicles) for land domain, then heirs/trust eclesiastic law for the air. Once you have taken domain over all three you can claim your minor trust which is your CQV Trust.

    1. how do you begin that process bc i have already done my affidavit of repudiation, i have my patent of nativity ready to go, my affidavit of unrebutted judgement in which i demand the trust to be dissolved and the monies paid to me in real monies. i also said to refund my money paid into SSA. So after all of that goes on record on June 23rd how do I gain access to the CQV. i was tolod i had to go in front of a probate judge???