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How do you express your law regarding mask, PCR test, and vaccine requirements or mandates by cities, states, and employers?

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  1. I’d be interested to know: how do you determine who is the right man or woman to give notice too? the man who set the legal codes/order, or the man who is enforcing the orders? it gets confusing when it comes to legal codes and statues or orders, because they’re not written by one man or woman, but by the fictitious legal entity “the government”. some advice around this would be great

  2. A template would be appreciated as a guide. I have been drafting and negotiating contracts on global scale for 25 years. i know to change it to how i would want it but it would be very helpful right now to have a template to respond to work where i am compensated for said work and a women requires of me to get vax by Oct 8th. i would love to respond as best possible. i am; a woman who works for a company called Pfizer. I sent correspondence and notice of claim, both 100% ignored. i am just starting module 4 this week. much appreciated.

  3. John & Greg, this is the million dollar question: people in Commonwealth countries are being locked out of the medical system, terminated from employment and denied access to all public facilities. A glib answer to this question is not adequate. State governments in Australia are terminating all public sector employees who refuse to get vaccinated. This means all teachers, nurses, doctors – working in the public system, as well as bureaucrats. They’re passing laws that all private health practitioners refuse to treat un-vaccinated clients with the threat of heavy fines for non-compliance. How can we use Natural Law / Law of Mankind to remedy this situation? Please really nail your answer to this question. People (I) want to act on this!!

  4. Additionally related to this question – it appears I can make claim and include my sons and daughters as my property in a claim, but am I able to include notice against harm to my mother who can not defend for herself and also for the mother of my kids. Can we include close others like this? And how do we word it. Eg. To include my sons and daughters I was using – ‘…a wrong against i, and property of i;’ Can this be expressed better another way?

  5. i, as woman, am choosing to learn how to feel comfortable within i; to perceive all experiences that may challenge i, as confirmation i am woman and damned powerful to boot!