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How do you walk into a place of business, college, medical office, vet which requires you to wear a mask if you need their services? For example, my pet needed emergency services and they required a mask. i expressed that i was exempt and would not wear it and they offered curbside service (remove my pet from me) which was not an option for me either, so i complied. It is the only time since the beginning of the plandemic that I caved due to the seriousness of my dog’s condition.

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  1. All medical practices (in the state of Maine ) have become very rude and forceful. One woman yelled at me while pointing her finger in my face and said “if you don’t get that mask to stay over your nose you are not going to see the doctor” I was inappropriate I know, I replied, [email protected] you. You can tell the doctor why I didn’t meet with him” and left. When your sick you don’t need to be harassed. Same thing happened at the store at the height of the plandemic, no one was polite in their request/demands. This state has already crossed the totalitarian line. In my opinion. And I’m waiting for the shoe to drop so I’m trying to get all the Knowledge i can in writing notices, yet im fearful that they’ll come and drag me off to jail.