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How far back in time can a man or woman go to require remedy for trespass?

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  1. Relevant to this question i have a situation in which my neighbor shot and killed my property, a dog on Dec. 31, 2020 bc she chased deer on his (unfenced) property. He has provided no remedy for the harm, and i have not sought to press him/them not knowing what to do about it, if i had a legal case. Learning the law of i, i wish to send correspondence to start and require remedy. However, the pure bred dog was a gift to my family so i have no receipt to prove her worth; i could only try to get a statement of worth from the breeder. Beyond requesting or requiring he pay the value of this dog, there was also the emotional harm to me of my protector/guard dog, and the loss of a young animal capable of breeding. Since i received no services for grief remediation, and i have no way of knowing how much my loss was concerning the dog as a breeder, how do i place a value on those things and provide evidence for such in court, or to him if asked?