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How to get people to look past the superficial little cute, meaningless giveaways the current government of Ontario, Canada is doing to win the votes of Ontarians? They are using cute little slogans and giving people free license plate stickers and a few odds and ends like that! People are so confused that they vote for the guy who is outright ripping them off big time! This gov. (Ontario ‘Progressive’ Conservatives) are taking away their fundamental rights as human beings and doing it with a cute little smile!! This is a heartbreaking situation and I know about it because I work in the field! But most people don’t understand this is what’s at stake – it is all 110% a sales job! How do you get through to people??? The election is June 2,2022!!! This is a desperate situation!

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  1. I don’t believe that voting was ever authentic or certainly hasn’t been for a very long time now so I don’t know how helpful this is. It is a desperate situation but voting won’t get us out of it.

  2. The most authentic is the Green Party, then the NDP – and the other 2 – are on their own but the worst of the worst are the PC’s – I know I work in Social Services and have encountered t6o companies that are American that get their pictures with the Cdn flag and pretend to be helping but they are sales people and all to line their shareholders pockets and slimy Ford’ s and his goonies’ pockets. He is selling out our health – mental and physical for a few bucks – I can’t think of anything more despicable than that! “The society that looks after itself is a ‘healthier and happier’ one – From the documentary “The mysteries of mental illness.”

    1. Sorry I got carried away and forgot to mention that these companies are taking over ODSP employment supports and OW and then all social services – this is INDEED a VERY DESPERATE situation!!! And for Health care – just look at the Ontario Health care Coalition web site – they have so much on there about what is really going on – one of the latest is that pharmacies are going to be taking over covid testing – and vaccines and they are already charging an d people are going to be paying over $200 for test kits that are now free! That’s just the tip of the iceberg. He’s hiding all this with little slogans and little cherub smiles.