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How to write Notices and Claim against an Employer and a Union, for suspension without pay and firing for not being vaxed. How to draft notices and claims considering it is an employee in a union member work situation…

Many people are in this work situation right now.

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  1. i am trying to share what i know to be; the knowledge i am gaining; with a man i know: jay is in this very situation.

  2. I heard recently of someone in this situation ‘resigning under duress’ the company’s lawyers did not seem too happy with this – ongoing situation i believe

  3. Well, going with the action of first simply writing a letter before sending Notices – I have seen online excellent letters one could send to the employer and Union head, which does not refuse the order of getting the jab, but instead says ‘Yes, i will comply with this request or mandate on the condition that:’
    and there were many items such as the company shows me proof of safety, and the company will compensate me (or my family if i die) if i am injured following said injection. You might search on which I think is where i saw two example correspondences, second one was the improvement of the first. Also, i realize you may be in a place or employment position where it is for state workers, military or others and perhaps medical (you already had “covid”) or religious exemption was denied; but if you are only working for a large company the fact is Biden has written NO executive order and OSHA has written no guidance/guidelines stating that the injection must be taken for the purpose of workplace safety. If you already knew all this great, or maybe it does not apply to your situation but just in case it could help you, I offer it here.

  4. ? still coming forth as wo/man giving notice to man/woman that you consider vaccines a choice, and do consider that they cause more harm than benefit; as right exclusively to property of i; and consider it trespass by way of harm/extortion…