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I am a divorced woman in the U.S. and am hoping there are other divorced men and women also want to know how to handle dealing with not wanting your children to get tested, vaccinated or would prefer that our children attend a homeschool, but the exspouse (who shares legal custody) disagrees and threatens to take to court or get the test or shot without my consent. Should I try to send notice to my exhusband, the school or wait to see if he really takes me to court? I have heard to avoid court at all costs because the judges are likely to make getting the Covid shot a court order.

Any man or woman who is trying to protect their beloved children, like I am, please vote for this. No doctors, lawyers or pastors have been able to help me with this. I am not afraid of the government, I am just trying to avoid my exhusband taking me to court when I am just trying to protect our son, but I have heard from others that the courts always side with the man or woman wanting the shots, not the one wanting to homeschool. I wonder if saying that homeschool is safer due to Covid would work, but this is not really being honest. Need Help ASAP please!

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