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I am a UK resident and my question is, What if your trapped into the ‘system’ because you are reliant on things like Insulin and other meds and dependencies?

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  1. I am in the US and I have relatives who are dependent on the system for medical reasons. How can they leave the system?

  2. I’m a US citizen dependent on insulin and I would also like to know how to get out of the system. I have health insurance and that makes the cost lower.

  3. Or in my case I sustained a couple of injuries, been on wait lists, etc 4 yrs & with CVD lockdown setbacks in between for surgery, which rendered me useless apparently to my equals to work as tried to find alternative work as well not so easy for injured lady in her 50’s, but its also left me poor, on the govt system to survive, no friends, in debt after not being able to continue my business & having to use up my retirement funds which wasn’t a lot being a woman who has been ripped of by 2 exes in past.
    Still fumbling about with high anxiety low & no trust in anyone anymore but trying to forgive all still with evil at all 4 corners of my world attacking me relentlessly to which I do not consent.
    I tried to get my live birth certificate but they wouldn’t give it to me?

  4. Living free of the system includes living free of the medical system. I believe there to be much better ways to take care of yourself as regards insulin and other conditions you may have.
    I have several docu series on different aspects of health and know of others more specific to you.