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I believe the 10 commandments, their statutes and judgments are a government given to Believers to live by. I believe I was “bought with a price” when I accepted Jesus Christ as my Saviour. All other governments are of the heathen created by men to legally rob and murder mankind with, including the government created by the United States Constitution as it has planks that have allowed what we see happening with the International BAR and merchant law. I belive this international law is the beast that rises out of the sea but the American founding documents allowed it onto our land.

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  1. what I want is to separate from this completely. I believe the US constitution is the American golden calf and this government was created by satanists to worship their master freely since historically they were kicked out of over 100 other nations for their beliefs. How do I break free without using the Constitution as any authority?

  2. Monotheistic religion is crazy and harmful and way outdated. Please don’t waste time with this one!

    1. Susie, we require your notice / claim itemizing and substantiating the harms that another man or woman’s belief in Christ as Savior have caused you.