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I have been considering creating a private trust for all my assets. I have been told that these are impenetrable to government confiscation. Do you have any experience with private trusts and are they worthwhile creating?

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  1. What type of trust in your opinion is safest. I’ve started reading about natural law trusts?

  2. Is a Living Trust the same as a Private Trust? I am currently setting up a Living Trust. I am in the US.

  3. I am not ceertain whether living trust and private trust are one in the same. I have spoken a few times with folks at which claim to be experts in creating private trusts.

  4. I have this question as well. I’ve heard foreign trusts are the best way to protect assets.

  5. Same question, Canada. The way this government is *actually trampling on people*, denying people like me jobs, benefits or even travel within and out of the country, if such a trust protection is in place they could simply obliterate whatever protection it offers and take everything from me regardless. They have complete disregard for people or basic human rights.
    How do we protect our property, assets & means of support?