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I live in my caravan (by choice) on 1.2 hectors of woodland which I own. The local council has issued an enforcement notice saying I do not have planning permission and the land is for agricultural only. In what way can I use common law to enable me to continue to live on my land?

There are many factors to my chosen lifestyle. My overall point is that I know many would like to live as I do……. living simply and comparatively more sustainable than living in a house. I know of many who would like to live as I do growing food and remaining connected to nature. Therefor I am hoping to find a way through common law to set a president so the many who I meet will be able to live as they want without corporate council intervention.
Then there are other considerations.
Smaller footprint
Direct husbandry
Living IN nature and connection with it
Less EMFs
Creating local connections

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  1. this is the problem the people of the world are having to set up ecovillages and intentional communities to live in harmony with nature, very important question, where i live we can not even use tiny houses as homes,

  2. Thank you for your question….this is a major inquiry in my experience at the moment. How do we ‘break free’ of land ownership and trusts–even community land trusts and truly claim our right to dwell on the lands of this earth.