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I live in Norway. Our democracy has it flaws, but one thing we’ve been able to do is to take care of each other to a certain degree. That implies that those of us who are healthy agree to contribute to those who are not – through taxes. I’ve been lucky enough to be on the contributing side, but I had a couple of years where I needed financial assistance through the social security system. So while the lockdowns made it clear to me that the state and corporations together form a system of surveillance and suppression, there are elements in the current social democracy that to some degree secure the most vulnerable of us. When looking into common law of natural law, it seems to be very much about myself and my rights. Fair enough, but how do you see the implementation of this while securing that we take care of those in need?

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  1. Any system including natural or common law are built by those within and who join. The more people realize their own innate gifts and abilities, the more they use them and interact, the more creativity and nature (all) life becomes. Money is only oneness resource and energy.
    Obviously by your question you are looking at options that create for yourself and others while taking responsibility for ourselves.

    1. Thanks, Maryka. Not sure I completely understood your last sentence, so please clarify, but I agree that responsibility and creativity nourish each other. So a society – or communion – built on individual freedom and total responsibility will hopefully bring compassion and care to a larger degree than what we see today.