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I live in Scotland, UK, how do I reclaim my Stawmsn & are there any consequences for this

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  1. You are your strawman. You need to claim your living man/woman. You need to understand your srawman is dead and to live as a born again living man/ woman it is important to know your rights and that crown, corporations, legislation, court and fines, etc are for dead people. (Your strawman) if you don’t know your rights, you have no rights. Look up on youtube Bill Turner.
    NZ Australia, Canada UK are Commonwealth. So we pretty much have the same corrupt police, crown and government. Ive learnt so much from watching Bill Turner NZ. His videos are short 15-30 mins.
    I would suggest you look at this guy too from England
    Lawful rebellion & debt

    1. Thank you Ann, I very much appreciate the information, I will look it up ?