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i own property that is off grid; i don’t have children, I am not linked to any services, except roads, which are not well-maintained by the state; in this instance do i claim paying property taxes is harming i because, i, don’t support where that money is allocated, and it is harming i, being used to fund education and 5g, etc.? if so, do I need to find information about the county/state budget and research/published articles to support the claim? how is “well-maintained,” a belief, measured?

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  1. also, can we pick and choose which services we support? our property taxes for school are the bulk of our ever-growing tax bill and i believe our public school system does more harm than good. i don’t feel right about funding it but i do agree with other services provided by county property tax

    1. This is what I am going through now. I can not tolerate funding the school system. I asked the business manager of the school what legislation gives them the ability to charge me taxes. She had her two scary attorneys send me the list of statues. As I read the statutes, I realized that I was reduced to a “class of subject” and a title of “taxpayer”. The “union school district” has “power and authority” to charge taxes on “real property” the “territory” and within the “territorial limit”. So I sent another e-mail to the business manager. This time I asked how i, a man, has been reduced to a “class of subject” and how my property was turned into “real property” and how it is in a “territorial limit”. Guess what…. They ignored that one.

      If you do not know this, the UNITED STATES is a federal corporation that has jurisdiction ONLY in territories ceded to them by the state( not STATE ) for armories, military bases, ammo dumps, etc. The only “residents” allowed in the “territory” are officers of the federal government. However, when you claim to be a “citizen” you are a serf (14th amendment), when you claim to be a “resident” that assumes you are an officer on a base, when you get mail with the IRS zip code, your property somehow turns into a military base under the federal jurisdiction and you are ” IN THE STATE” not in the state.

      I sent a correspondence to the to the business manager via certified mail. I sent 2 affidavits. One was the one I have on file with the U.S. state department (Lord of the manner) which states that I am no longer a citizen but a national (old state citizen). I told them I was a creation of the creator and said they have no jurisdiction over me. No complaints from them and I got my new passport with the hassles. The other affidavit said that I didn’t live on a military base and was a non-resident. I backed it up with their own corporate statutes. They received the correspondence on Friday.

      I am told by another group that I get help from, that they will never address my questions. However, I will be soon going into the penalty phase. I asked my other group what to do and they said to turn them into the FTC as a debt collector. We live in a merchant system so all entities are debt collectors. Then they said to file a S94 Tort Claim form with my state.

      I may do that but it seems that the only way to handle this is to call out the business manager of the school as a woman and say that I will pay but I must see proof of claim for the debt. CURRENTLY….. THIS IS MY BIG QUESTION. When a debt collector (corporate tax person) states that I owe them, how do I go about forcing them to show claim.

      By the way…. When I sent the correspondence certified mail, do you know who signed for it? ….. “COVID-19”. They are actually signing forms “COVID-19” . I think so secret BS was put into place that gives them the ability to hide behind this farce to escape responsibility.

      As far as my county and local tax, they have signs on the doors that will not permit me in the buildings unless I am masked. Why should I fund them either. I won’t be a slave just to get roads plowed. However, If I stop paying county tax, I’ll contract with the local fire department to handle any emergencies on my property.