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I sent a notice to NZ’s Director General of Health claiming his actions aided the spread of Delta SarsCov variant. I claimed his actions caused harm to others. While I have yet to suffer any real harm I asked as remedy to cease his actions in order to prevent harm to others. I assume it is ok to ask for an action rather than monetary compensation?

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  1. I’m interested to know, too, who is the appropriate man or woman we notice? Say somebody was harmed by an injection, would they notice the man or woman who put the injection in them, or to the man or woman acting as government agent who set a policy like “no jab, no job”? The man or woman harmed may not have wanted the injection, but didn’t want to lose their job… Not sure who would be the correct man/woman to notice. Or is it both?

  2. Good point. Upon reading my notice again and the question above i realised i have not differentiated between whether I consider the harm done to i or others, just harm. There is no doubt my life has changed since covid, enough to press a claim of harm to i although financially i am not worse off, more emotionally suffering from masking. Do i put a financial figure on that? I’ll have to consider it when i come to the second notice should it require.

  3. similarly i am considering pressing a claim on the man XYZ, Australia’s Minister for Health related to fast-tracking experimental injections on children <12 (coming soon here with 12-16 year olds already rolling up their sleeves); i, ask if i might press the claim for potential harm to millions (vs harm to i); i, ask if in that claim i would submit evidence (scientific research); i state my concern that the evidence would be boo-hoo'ed in 'trial by media'; i, ask how would jon or greg press this claim…or not press it, maybe there is another approach for i, the man ben…