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I want to send notices to people responsible for mask mandates, vaccine mandates, quarantine orders in the USA. Is it all the president and Fauci? How do we find the correct person to write to and their address

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  1. I would also love to hear more about expressing our law to “people in power.” What needs to be stated to my governor for instance (I’m in the US) to express my own law wherein I will not wear a mask, test for covid, or be vaccinated? What is the point of this if they are not the actual ones enforcing this stuff? Seems like it’s the folks at the grocery store or restaurants who do me more harm when I walk in without a mask. Curious to hear more about expressing our law to our public servants as well as to employees of the grocery store or restaurant trying to kick us out.

  2. I would also like to hear more on this. It feels mixed – on one hand, the “people in power” are the ones saying that we have to follow these mandates but yet store owners are the ones that are enforcing it. They’re only enforcing it because they’re being threatened, so to give a store owner a notice seems like they’re getting hit from both sides and yet the one who ordered the mandate didn’t actually keep me from entering various businesses, the owners/employees did.

  3. Yes, I am also interested in learning how to create and assert my common law to i to defend and protect my body from the injections.

  4. Considering this questions I would say we have to orgnise ouerselfs. By this I mean that a called public persona has more authority. So we could go to stores in groups. Than talking tot govermental figures woud be easier too.Everything is more powerfull in the context of numbers.

    1. There is a lot of power in that Alicja, and the more we all connect with each other, the more powerful we will be; great point about talking to government figures since it would be more like complaining in the public, rather than giving notice in the private.
      I also think there is a learning curve here, and I’m not sure how we know when we’re ready to send notices…