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I would like your feedback on the implementation of law for mankind in a language other than English. Most countries, if not all, regard their national language as the offical language for legal matters. The law for mankind clearly uses a specific vocabulary, punctuation and style. Is it likely that such semantics can be accurately and effectively presented in a different language? It seems unlikely that translation services might be found for the law for mankind. How may a non-native speaker be sure that the recipient understands the true meaning of a translation?

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  1. This may help you, check out the last question in module 1.5 faq’s :

    if we do this in another language how do we use man’s words instead of the fiction?

    Near the end, Greg says, “if you are owning your man or womanhood fully, then you can communicate that directly and clearly in whatever your native language is…in whatever language you’re most comfortable with, communicating that should be fine for you to do.” Pretty sure I transcribed that verbatim, but please check it out for yourself.
    Hope that helps!