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I would love to hear how Greg and Jon would respond if police were called to remove them from a store/doctor’s office, etc for not wearing a mask. Not a written notice, but how you would speak and respond to remove the controversy in person.

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  1. i agree. This is of pressing, practical importance as it is one of the most likely scenarios many of us will face in the near future; it’s getting the overall language right, even though each scenario will be slightly different, but it’s all connected with the enforcement of lockdown/ Covid ‘rules’.

  2. yes – i, possess a mask exemption – however those that do not know the term mandatory are taking law into their own hands and enacting unlawful acts – how to deal – in the moment with the unlawful arrest

  3. Including how to refer to them when you talk to them. Eg. If you let slip ‘Sir’ while talking or responding with them, would that mean you have taken on a monopoly piece entering their game.

  4. United States Law Code
    21 us code 360 bbb-3
    states in part; no emergency medical products can be mandated without; advised consent; or giving the individual opportunity to decline without retribution.

  5. i, as woman, choose to reside in semi rural victoria in australia; i, as woman meet some fierce resistance to my choice to remain mask/vax free: the above question is now very relevant for so many of us.

  6. yes, is it the case that if i be on someone elses property, eg store/doctors office, any (wo)man acting as representative of said property can assert i am a trespasser… so I have no right to be there, I have to leave, I have no claim to engage with the services on the said property?

    1. In other words a representative of a property owner can discriminate against any (wo)man entering upon the property…to lawfully ask any i to get off the property for any, or no reason? They can thus be ok in law to determine that trespass is setting foot upon the place, the place being their property ?

      1. So in essence the basic lawful premise that cannot be avoided is that whether wearing mask or not, you can lawfully be deemed unwelcome , required to leave, and police officer to be called to enforce your removal for trespass?