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I’d like to build a vacation home on property I own without going through all the “required” inspections and permits. I intend to be “off-grid” with no hookup to water, sewer, or electric as this would me more of a “cabin-type” temporary housing in a shore community that has become highly residential in the 80 yrs my family has been there.

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  1. i am also curious about this… not for a vacation house, but an actual home… could you build on your own land without the requirement of building permits etc as long as you don’t require city water/power/sewer?

    1. Where possible it would be helpful to acquire the land patent and create a declaration to the land patent. In Canada USA and other countries, land patents allow for permanent and outright ownership of land for parcels where they were issued to the original settlers. Perhaps notices and claims are yet another way to demonstrade authority over corrupt municipalities.

      1. Exactly – the land patent is the way to go. AND once you have it, any regulations, inspections, permits or taxes don’t apply to you. A king/queen doesn’t pay taxes on his land. A king/queen doesn’t ask permission on how to build on it.

      2. I have never heard of a land patent before… I thought that the only way to truly “own” your own property in the US was with allodial title (which I believe is only in Texas).