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If a country devolves into totalitarianism and all citizen’s privileges are revoked, and the expressed law of man/woman is not recognized, how does a man/woman navigate? If Jon is in Canada, does he specifically prepare for what may come? Is there a spiritual element to this understanding that hasn’t manifested in us yet if there is some fear about this scenario?

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  1. From my perspective you can take away the privileges of a citizen but you cannot violate the Free Will of a Soul who is currently expressed as a man or woman. My Soul, expressed as a man, chose to enter into this reality for the purpose of the experiences contained within the prescribed Journey and nothing can ever impede upon that without permission on some level, whether conscious or subconscious. Every Soul currently being expressed as a man or woman have multiple Soul Level Agreements with many other Souls currently expressed as a man or woman. Even those cannot be breached. David Icke has said the “Archons” (as he calls it) need us to create the reality THEY want for us. Catherine Austin Fitts has said essentially the same thing even though each one approaches it from different angles. THEY know this, hence the confusion I call The Great Mesmerizing Bamboozle which keeps the Common Man little within the self which the course references as being like children until we grow up.

  2. My understanding so far is that it is up to each man and woman to express their own law; it doesn’t depend on the legal society recognizing it.

  3. Yes, this is a brilliant question. I live in Melbourne Australia, and i have become what is now officially termed a Targeted Individual by the Deep State (see website created by Catherine Austin Fitts). It seems I inadvertently exposed a global drug running network, and the officials who should be sorting this out are either too compromised or too frightened to bring justice. Over 5 years my home has been repeatedly raided, looted and bugged (I have learnt to use screwdrivers and unveil camouflaged electronics in the most surprising places), my ID documents stolen (my City Councillor suggested it was identity theft). I wrote FOI requests, visited the police, emailed their Commanders, and wrote to the State Minister for Police. I got an extended interview with my State member of Parliament, who nervously took notes, and it all amounted to nothing. The corruption evidently goes high. These hidden criminals recently broke all my sewerage pipes at every metre, resulting in $40,000 of plumbing repairs. These ‘authorities’ bully locksmiths, and are able to get copies of the new house keys. They have hacked two modems, swapped my computer, and wiped my hard drive. They have involved and compromised neighbours, tradespeople, and doctors, and destroyed family and personal relationships. Their aim is to isolate the individual. They maintain secrecy by asking those they involve to sign gag orders. What can I say? Each week i read my Law for Mankind modules, and cannot begin to fathom who i could possibly write a notice to, so that i could begin to untangle this chaos. The authorities are pitting the citizens against each other, and most don’t have the courage to stand up to them. Yes, I definitely agree there must be a spiritual dimension and Soul learning associated with this evil lunacy.