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if in future pension payments are linked to vax status – who/how do we notice by way of harm or theft?

in New Zealand when one gets their pension/superannuation payments and the wo/man are originally from the UK, the NZ government gets the pension contributions from the UK, that i did make to help pay for it. i view that i could say trespass by way of theft; however of course we always have signed….

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  1. I feel that maybe, this is the kind of state benefit we ought not to expect anymore―and outright boycott―when we opt out of the slavery system (« do this and you’ll be rewarded, don’t and you’ll be punished ».

  2. As explained – as i, contributed to the ‘benefit’ i would say i, am entitled to the % i, contributed over many years. in effect receiving that which i, ‘put in’ so to say – like a savings account. Some countries pay without this contribution then i, would agree it is purely ‘state benefit’