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If the so-called “authority” in any existing Court of Law simply says “Sorry, we do not recognize this claim to sovereignty that you are declaring, you are subject to the laws of this land and society as it exists now and you will be dealt with accordingly.” – how do you deal with that there and then in that courtroom? Simply said if they say “Our rules apply in this Court, not yours.”

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  1. As a man/woman, you have the right to settle your contentious matters in a court of law before a magistrate or a jury of your peers. That said, all rights are CONDITIONAL on your ability to enforce them. This is just like the school bully taking your lunch box – he says “this is my lunch now”. What are you going to do now? This is what we learn in Law for Mankind. I’ve been in the course since early 2021 and it’s life changing (also you stop attracting energy vampires into your life). Hope this helps.

  2. Just like police officer telling me that traveling, ain’t a thing…
    Well officer, my father always told me that “ain’t” , is not a word.
    So……… ?