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I’m in the US. I have been advised that if I want to buy real estate and keep my name out of public records, that instead of going thru the normal procedures, I should get a simple “bill of sale” from the seller, have the seller sign an affidavit that they no longer own the property and have them register it where the registration of the land title would normally go, and I simply show my bill of sale to prove that I own the property, but I never register that with the local government offices. In this way the gov’t can never come after me to strip me of my property because they have no proof of who owns it. Is there something else you would recommend so that I am not on any public records but I still have full ownership of my property?

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  1. How can a i assure the seller that this procedure is legitimate? What are the exact language and steps to follow? How does this different procedure effect getting/having a loan for the property?