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I’m living in Ireland, I would like advise as to how to present this information to my wife who’s expecting our first child. What this means for our future and how it benefits us once we go through the process.

There’s many of us having difficulties convincing close family members, loved ones and friends that we’ve been lied to.
I would love to get this process simplified, have the benefits outlined in a manner that helps our loved ones understand us.

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  1. Oh yes, done loads to try and explain it all to my partner, father of our three young children (e.g.Candles in the Dark course by Larken Rose, amazing really etc) and I was not even going this “deep” … common law, strawman etc. Just the visible and one would say easily graspable – effectiveness, safety and necessity of the jabs and other measures, conflict of interest, control … unfortunately zero result over the two years, and on top two jabs he took secretly. At my wit’s end. Thank you.

  2. My advice, no vaccines for the baby, and no birth certificate for starters.